Romanian MSP’s at Imagine Cup 2017

On 27th April our teams participated in Imagine Cup National final in Romania. Even though none of those teams got into the next stage, we all had fun and learned a lot of new things. The day had been filled with presentations, both from the contestants and from technical experts that taught us how to use different technologies, and with joy and beautiful moments.

We believe that attending Imagine Cup was a huge opportunity. We had the chance to work together on projects with people we knew and people we didn’t knew before, make new friends and interact with some really amazing people.

The MSP teams (teams with at least a MSP member in them) that presented are, in the order in which they presented:

BHN Team

The first MSP team that presented was BHN Team. This team created a solution that might help people take care of their money better. With the help of their application you would know who you borrowed money, who borrowed from you and the persons that owed you money would receive notifications to alert them that they should pay back.

Team members: Andrei Spatariu, Laurentiu Stamate and Oana Caplescu.


Farmo is a solution that wants to help people that grow vegetables and fruits sell their products better. The application is easy to use and it wants to make the communication between the producers and their clients as easy as possible.

Team members: Alexandru Petrescu and Stefan Roman.


EnerGO thinks about the future of the planet. They have an application that helps you with selecting the perfect electric car for you, with the help of an elaborate algorithm.

Team members: Flavia Carciumaru, Alexandru Maxim,  Radu Iulian and Dragos Corlatescu

Head on a Cloud

Head on a Cloud is a team that wants to save some time, so they tried to implement a solution to make the subway system faster. They tried to implement a solution that would replace the tickets that we use at the metro with facial recognition.

Team members: Corina Palade, Mihai BurduseluMiruna Cojocaru

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